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We welcome applications from talented undergraduate students. In general, we look for a strong academic background and a strong desire to do research. Undergraduate research assistants (RAs) will have the opportunity to work closely alongside Dr. Walter and the COM-PSI graduate students on various projects within the lab, with topics ranging from entertainment-education to health strategies to misinformation.

Interested undergraduate students should review the team page and fill out the following Google Form that captures why you would like to join the lab, which graduate student you would like to work alongside and be mentored by, as well as any research experience you have (though not necessary).

Graduate students in the COM-PSI lab have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research, publish in top-tier academic journals, engage in weekly lab meetings, present research at academic conferences and seminars, and so much more. The COM-PSI lab is an inclusive environment that thrives on diversity of experiences and thought.

Students interested in pursuing graduate-level research opportunities in the COM-PSI lab should contact Dr. Walter ( to determine their fit with the lab. We welcome students from all backgrounds to apply, though students should have a passion for researching, especially within contexts relevant to media psychology and social influence.

The COM-PSI lab operates within Northwestern University’s School of Communication. If applying to a graduate program to work with COM-PSI, consider programs in Media, Technology, & Society (MTS).